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Atlantic City to host Third Millionaire Chess Open

March 14, 2016

Brooklyn, New York - Millionaire Chess, LLC is pleased to present the third Millionaire Chess Open, the world’s most lucrative open chess tournament. The elite event, which last year attracted over 550 players and several of the world’s top Grandmasters from over 50 countries, will take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from October 6 to October 10, 2016.

  • Total prize pool of $510,000

  • Tournament will move to Atlantic City after two years in Las Vegas

  • Entrance fee halved to $500

  • New Dream Maker Satellite Series will allow local chess clubs to host regional entrance tournaments

“I am thrilled to announce the third annual Millionaire Chess Open,” stated Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, a partner in Millionaire Chess. “Over the past two years, we have used this prestigious tournament to expand the profile of competitive chess and offer all players the chance to compete for prizes of unprecedented proportions. We are excited to not only continue that tradition in 2016, but also introduce several new changes that will make this year’s tournament even more exciting.”

In pursuit of the tournament’s goal of further democratizing competitive chess, the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open will feature two new initiatives intended to facilitate the inclusion of as many players as possible. First, the tournament’s entrance fee has been halved from $1,000 to $549. Secondly, the introduction of the Dream Maker Satellite Series, which launches March 14, 2016 will give any chess club the opportunity to host its own “mini-tournament.” Every player who emerges victorious in one of these tournaments will win a seat into the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open.

“Both of these initiatives are game changers,” continued Mr. Ashley. “The reduced entry fee will allow even more players to test their talents and compete for our game’s largest prize. But we are most excited by the Dream Maker Satellite Series, which is an opportunity for every chess club around the world to offer its members the chance to compete at the highest level. We want to open this tournament to as many competitors as possible, to transform it from a dream into a goal. These changes are major steps towards making that possible.”

2016 will also mark the Millionaire Chess Open’s first year in a new location, as the tournament moves to Atlantic City after two successful years in Las Vegas.

“Our primary objective with this move was to ease access for east coast players,” stated Amy Lee, a partner in Millionaire Chess. “Research shows that Atlantic City is not only closer to a larger portion of chess competitors, it also offers greater transportation options.” 

The tournament will open for registration on April 1, 2016 online on the company website at Chess clubs around the world are welcome to go to the tournament website for information on how to host their own event as part of the Dream Maker Satellite Series.

About Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley is one of two partners behind Millionaire Chess, LLC. Ashley became the first black Grandmaster in chess history in 1999 and has seen success in chess as a coach, commentator, author, app designer, video producer and tournament organizer. In recognition of his many contributions to the game, GM Ashley will be inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame on April 13, 2016. GM Ashley became an online sensation in February of 2016 when a video was released online which went super viral, making it onto the front pages of major news outlets such as ESPN, TIME, GQ, and Yahoo News as well as social media attention on the home page of Reddit and a feature on Mashable. This year also marks the start of GM Ashley’s newest venture, the Dream Maker Satellite Series.

About Amy Lee

Amy Lee is the other partner of Millionaire Chess, LLC. Since the start of MC Amy has been an integral part of the operations and business end of the highest stakes chess tournament in the world, Millionaire Chess Open. Amy Lee will also partner with GM Ashley to launch this year’s first Dream Maker Satellite Series.