Newsletter #54 ~ Thank You!

Thank You!


It’s been a relatively restful two weeks for us at here at Millionaire Chess since the end of a frenetic and intense MC#2. Though the team has still been busy with cleaning up emails and mailing away checks to deserving winners, the workload has naturally not been the same as it was in the months leading up to the tournament. This break has given us the opportunity to get some much needed sleep as well as to reflect on all that happened in Vegas, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the mistakes that were made and the joyous faces of the many winners and satisfied customers. We would like to take this time to thank everyone involved in making our second event a success for without you we would hardly be able to have pull off such a huge endeavor. All the positive statements and energy mean a tremendous amount to us, and we remain humbled and grateful for your support. We lift a glass to say “Thanks” from the bottom of our hearts.


There were more than one hundred and twenty winners at the Millionaire Chess Open this year. GM Hikaru Nakamura scored a deserving victory in the Open section after battling through a brutal Qualifier stage and sneaking past third place finisher Yu Yangi in the Semis before dominating the Finals against Vietnam’s Number 1 Le Quang Liem. While much attention was on these top players, there were fierce battles fought at all levels. Kudos to all the winners: your hard work and determination paid off handsomely. The following list will stand as a tribute to the players who came, saw and conquered MC#2.



As a company, we at Millionaire Chess pride ourselves on trying to be the very best chess tournament in the world. While we feel we did some things right at our event, we also are not nearly at the level we are striving for. Please help us to be better by taking this brief anonymous survey. Your answers will help us to make important decisions on how the tournament is run, what we should keep and let go, and even where it may be next held. As always, your time and energy are deeply appreciated.



You may have missed co-organizer Amy Lee’s frank thoughts about our second tournament. It is well worth the read. Please share it with your social media network as it contains a very important call to action to seek out those all important sponsors for our next event. Time is of the essence if we are to succeed in our quest to help change the game of chess forever.




All good things must come to an least for now. This will be our last newsletter until we make our next announcement about MC#3. Thanks again for taking the time to follow our continuing story. It’s nice to know someone is listening. Let us be the first to say have a wonderful and joyous holiday season! 

Best wishes,

Amy and Maurice