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Scheduled for Thursday October 8th at 2:00pm Pacific Time and 5:00pm Eastern Time
MC Newsletter 53

This is the last newsletter before the tournament begins on October 8th. We have lots of exciting news to report. 

Millionaire Square Prize

It seems like a crazy thought, but one lucky chess player may walk away from the MCO a million dollars richer. The nine winners of each division will compete in a game show style format in an...

New location next year!

Millionaire Chess is proud to announce that we will be at a new location next year. Though Planet Hollywood was a great venue and Las Vegas is unquestionably an exciting city, it has proven to be quite challenging in a number of ways. The next site for our tournament will have more space to accommodate the bigger numbers we are...

One of the major goals of Millionaire Chess is to give more and more players the opportunity to play in our big event. While a few satellites tournaments were successfully held abroad, the month of August saw a spurt of three more recently held right on home soil. With none of the tournaments having an entry fee of more than $75, chess enthusiasts descended on the events for a chance to make...