Millionaire Chess Experience

We at Millionaire Chess believe that a chess tournament should be a unique and pleasurable experience. To that end, we offer many amenities that will cater to all of our players and their guests. It is our intention to ensure that anyone who visits our events will walk away with memories that last a lifetime.

Some of the amenities that players enjoyed in the first Millionaire Chess Open included:

Complimentary breakfast
Breakfast was served before the first round of both the 5-day and the 4-day schedules.

Red carpet photo op
All players had a taste of red-carpet treatment by choosing to be photographed at the step-and-repeat with friends, alone, or with host Maurice Ashley and other VIPs. Complimentary photos were made available for download online to show to friends and family after the event.

Large Tournament Directors staff  
A world-class staff ensured that the event ran as smoothly as possible.

High-tech security  
In order to strongly encourage fair play, a significant security presence was on site at the tournament. While being respectful of all participants, a variety of methods was used to detect irregular behavior and inappropriate devices.

Hostesses available to monitor the cell phone stations, and accompany young children back to their parents at the conclusion of their games.

24-hour answering service
MC staff was on call via email and by phone to answer any and all questions day or night during the entire tournament. Calls placed from 10am to 10pm were responded to within 4 hours.


Check back in the coming months to see the amenities that will be made available for the participants of the next Millionaire Chess Open.