Millionaire Chess Dream Maker Satellite Series

Welcome to the 2016 Millionaire Chess Dream Maker Satellite Series!

Dream MakerDo you have players in your club that would love the chance to win a spot into the next Millionaire Chess tournament for a chance to battle the most daring chess players in their rating category? The Dream Maker Satellite Series is a chance for anyone to win a spot by playing in a local club that hosts a Dream Maker Satellite event. It’s a chance to pay a little, but possibly win a lot.

Since the satellite concept is fairly new to chess, here’s the easy 3 step process to how the Dream Maker events will work for any chess club:

Sign up online to host your own Dream Maker International Satellite Event here.

Provide any potential sponsors with our sponsorship interest info sheet: We will send this once you have registered. If you find a sponsor(s) to cover the registration fee for a spot in MC3 ($500), MC will promote it on our social media channels to give the sponsor(s) and your club maximum exposure. You may pay the $500 entry fee yourself without acquiring a sponsor if you like.  The $500 entry fee will not change regardless on how much the entry fee goes up after the first deadline.  

Pay your club’s entry fee: Then, MC will send you the Dream Maker International Satellite welcome package which will help you with hosting your event.  The welcome package includes rights to the MC logo and instructions on how to run a successful event. Once you or your sponsor have submitted the entry fee for your winner, all other monies collected through entry fees are 100% yours to keep!

That’s it! We look forward to helping you make your event a success. If you win and your club member wins, then we win. Here’s to helping to bring the excitement of Millionaire Chess to your club and clubs all around the world!

Good luck! We are excited to hear all about your satellite event