MC3 Rating rules

ALERT!! The organizers and Chief Arbiter reserve the right to assign a rating to any player after a detailed analysis has been conducted.  The decision of the Chief Arbiter in such matters is final.

ALERT!! In an effort to control sandbagging, the 2016 Millionaire Chess Open requires that a player must have completed a minimum of 60 officially rated games under one rating system (e.g. FIDE, USCF, CFC, BCF, etc.) in order to participate in sections other than the Open. To be considered for the 3rd Millionaire Chess Open, A PLAYER’S 60 GAMES MUST HAVE BEEN RATED BY AUGUST 31st, 2016.

ALERT!! The 3rd Millionaire Chess Open will utilize each player’s highest post-event rating1 for events rated between January 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016. This applies to any rating system. Tournaments played in September or October of 2016 will not be considered (unless deemed to be absolutely necessary by the Chief Arbiter).

A player may register into the Open section of the 3rd MCO without having played 60 games. However, in case the player wishes to play in an ‘Under’ section, their first posted rating after 60 games will be used to determine their section unless the Chief Arbiter deems otherwise. The Chief Arbiter’s decision on rating matters is final.

1. OPEN section – FIDE ratings will be used. If a player does not have a FIDE rating then the USCF2 rating will be used. If the player has neither, then see below.

2a. All sections except Open - USCF rating will be used3.  If a player does not have a USCF rating, then use: FIDE + 60 if rating over 1800 or FIDE plus 80 if rating under 1800.

2b.  If a player has both FIDE and USCF ratings and the player’s FIDE rating is more than 50 points higher than the section limit, then FIDE + 60 if rating over 1800 or FIDE +80 if rating under 1800 will be used.

2c. If a player has either or both USCF/FIDE AND a non-USCF rating, then the highest of the the ratings after adjustment will be used.

3.  If a player has neither a USCF or FIDE rating, then see below.4

Millionaire Chess reserves the right to use CCA minimum ratings (, which are fair assessments based on Continental Chess Association tournaments held by premier organizer Bill Goichberg over the last 40 years.  CCA minimum ratings may be used, but are not automatically used.

Provisional ratings:

Players with Provisional USCF Ratings may ONLY play in the Open section of the tournament.

Normally, In order to be considered as having a standard USCF non-provisional rating, one must have played 26 USCF Rated Tournament games. However, for MCO events, all players must have played a minimum of 60 rated games under their national or FIDE rating system. The burden of proof is on the player if the tournament director is unable to find proof of the 60 rated games. To be considered for the 3rd MCO, a player’s 60 rated games must have been played by August 30, 2016.

Although a player must have a minimum of 60 rated games under either a national or FIDE rating system to qualify for an under section, any available rating information (even a rating based on fewer than 60 games) may be used to move a player into a higher section if, in the Chief Arbiter's opinion, the rating demonstrates the player's ability exceeds the limit for the section requested.

Special exception:

Active older players (over 70) who have hit their floor rating will be allowed to play in a section 100 points below their floor.  Active means having played 30 games within the last 24 months without raising their rating above their floor.



1 Post-event ratings can be found on the “Tnmt Hist” tab of a players’ USCF MSA record. You may search the USCF rating database by clicking here.

2 USCF ratings will be considered valid post-1991 when the USCF began with organized rating record keeping practices

3 If a player has an old USCF rating (older than 10 years) and has a current foreign rating (see below), that rating may be utilized if the player has proof of having played more than 60 games under that rating system in the last 10 years. The use of either rating will be under the Chief Arbiter’s discretion.

4 Players without USCF or FIDE ratings:

Players without a USCF or FIDE rating must provide proof of their rating history (minimum 60 games) in order to play in sections other than the Open. No player will be allowed to play in any class section without a rating (provisional ratings do not count). Rating equivalents will be used.


Bermuda, Canada (other than Quebec), Jamaica - no change
Quebec (FQE) -100 points added
England - x8 + 700
German players with no FIDE rating - DWZ + 190.
German players with FIDE ratings - FIDE + 60 if rating over 1800 or FIDE plus 80 if rating under 1800. If FIDE + 100 is lower than the DWZ, then DWZ plus zero (no adjustment).
Other national ratings with confirmation from national website or official federation - 200 points added
Non-verified foreign ratings- director will assign a rating that will not be less than 2200.

Players should confirm their section before committing their travel plans. No refunds (other than entry fees) will be given to players who disagree with the Chief Arbiter’s decision as to which section they will be assigned. Traveling players who plan to register at the tournament should be forewarned that they may end up playing a section that they did not anticipate. The best policy is to register well in advance so that you may be notified very early on of the Chief Arbiter’s decision. Absolutely no entries will be accepted the day of the first round of the tournament.

Players who fail to disclose a rating from a non-US or FIDE rating system may be sanctioned up to and including being removed from the tournament without a refund.