Open - overview


The first seven rounds will be a qualifying round to determine who plays the finals on Millionaire Monday. Four finalists will move on to play two knock-out rounds to determine who wins the top prize. The last two rounds of the Open section will also be played on Millionaire Monday to determine who wins 5th place and under, as well as to give players a chance to acquire norms.

Time control

40 moves in 120 minutes, followed by 30 minutes. With a 5 second delay for every move.


Open: 1st place: $100,000; 2nd: $50,000, 3rd: $25,000; 4th: $16,000; 5th: $10,000; 6th: $8,000; 7th to 10th: $5,000 each; 11th to 20th: $3,500 each.

Top 2400-2549: 1st place: $40,000; 2nd: $20,000, 3rd: $13,000; 4th: $8,000; 5th: $5,000.

Top U2400: 1st place: $38,000; 2nd: $19,000, 3rd: $11,000; 4th: $7,000; 5th: $4,000.

Top female: $1,000.
Top senior (65+): $1,000.
Top child (U13): $1,000.