Yu Yangyi

How has your life changed since you won one of the major prizes in the MCO?: 
As a professional chess player, my life doesn't change a lot. I have to prepare for upcoming chess tournaments. The prize-fund is higher than any other open tournaments. I am very happy to earn $25,000 prize in Open section.
How do your friends and family feel about you winning?: 
My parents are very satisfied with my performance, My friends are very concerned about my feelings and experiences in this tournament.
Why did you decide to play in MC#1?: 
The huge prize is very appealing to me. And I've never been to United States. It's interesting to play two Swiss games per day.
What did you most like about MC#1?: 
I like everything in the MC#1. I like the well decorated playing hall, the high tech security, the live broadcast, etc..
What would you like to see different next year?: 
I hope to see a longer schedule. I'd like to play only one game per day. Also, I'd like to see the time control with 5 seconds increment.
Will you attend MC#2 again next year?: 
If there isn't a conflict of schedule, I'd love to play MC#2.