Wesley So

How has your life changed since you won one of the major prizes in the MCO?: 
Well, it precipitated a great many changes in my life and I’d have to say they have been very good ones.
How do your friends and family feel about you winning?: 
Naturally, they were all very excited for me!
Why did you decide to play in MC#1?: 
When I play any event, my purpose is to win it. So I joined this in the hope of winning $100,000. And I did!
What did you most like about MC#1?: 
It was a beautifully organized and well publicized event.
What would you like to see different next year?: 
I think Maurice and Amy did a superb job hosting and organizing the event and I could not ask for better.
Will you attend MC#2 again next year?: 
It’s hard in a career like mine, to make plans that far ahead but … of course I want to, and will try to arrange it so I can!