Suiming Pau

How has your life changed since you won one of the major prizes in the MCO?: 
Since I was young, I wanted to play chess in a mayor world class tournament and win the price. It was a dream come true to play in a major event like Millionaire chess. I am more exited about playing chess today because of Millionaire chess. Chess is becoming a rewarding competition.
How do your friends and family feel about you winning?: 
My family can't believe that I won a prize in MC. They are surprised.
Why did you decide to play in MC#1?: 
I want chess to gain the fame status that it's deserve. I play in hope chess become a rewarding game to future players. Chess requires dedication to be a good player. Chess hard work and reward have been misaligned until MC came.
What did you most like about MC#1?: 
Millionaire chess is truly one of the best world class chess event. It is really the next level for chess, playing, recognition, enjoyment, luxury and money. You will need to experience MC for yourself.
What would you like to see different next year?: 
- Make sure the rules are explicitly shown and informed, have a TV screen in the hallway with constant update of the event and rules. - Instant message players of who qualify and what to do. - A TD in the front counter to answer all the technical chess questions.
Will you attend MC#2 again next year?: 
Absolutely yes.