Herbert Antoine

How has your life changed since you won one of the major prizes in the MCO?: 
On returning back to Brooklyn, New York there were lots of congratulations with a some respect for venturing into a $1,000 entry fee tournament.
How do your friends and family feel about you winning?: 
Some of my family was somewhat in awe that a aged senior citizen taking up playing casual chess, becoming serious three years ago, getting into such a serious tournament. While there were a few hugs and pats on the back.
Why did you decide to play in MC#1?: 
I am a rags to riches success person, who admires and respect anyone who strives for betterment in their field of endeavor, hence I decided to support the timely venture, while taking my wife on vacation.
What did you most like about MC#1?: 
I tremendously enjoyed interacting with multi national chess playing group, the excitement, anticipation, the venue, and the thrill of competing.
What would you like to see different next year?: 
I surely would have loved the anticipated dress code, was honored, maybe next time it might be.
Will you attend MC#2 again next year?: 
Without a doubt I cannot wait to register and participate in MC#2.