Danyul Lawrence

How has your life changed since you won one of the major prizes in the MCO?: 
Not much at all, unfortunately. I only won 4th place so it was not enough money to change anything.
How do your friends and family feel about you winning?: 
Everyone I have spoken to has been quite impressed with my results and congratulated me which is always nice.
Why did you decide to play in MC#1?: 
I decided to play to be a part of something that I thought represented a new paradigm in chess tournament in the USA. Never hurts to get in on the ground floor.
What did you most like about MC#1?: 
Outside of my results, I liked the guaranteed prize fund as well the mixed format of the tournament. While I performed poorly on "millionaire monday", I liked the idea that winners have to be able to adjust to different time controls and demonstrate a more varied skill set than just classical time control chess.
What would you like to see different next year?: 
I think there needs to be lots of fine tuning on the TD side and the organizer side of the tournament. For instance, I had a lengthy discussion with both TDs and GM Maurice Ashley about the inclusion of unrated players in the U2200 section. Traditionally this has been a case where unrated play in the open section or a specially designated unrated section. This is all done as a precaution to protect rated players from potential problems dealing with strong foreign players who have yet to define their strength in a rated tournament. Also, I would have liked to have my games on "millionaire monday" telecast somewhere on the live website as I had many friends watching but none could see the games as I was not in the open section despite the fact that I played on DGT boards.
Will you attend MC#2 again next year?: 
Most likely, depending on the location. 99% yes if the tournament is located in Las Vegas again, 50% if it is located in Miami.