Affiliate Program

Here at Millionaire Chess, we are working to bring chess into the spotlight in the same way that the "World Series of Poker" did for poker over the last 20 years. To help do so, we have decided to seek out partners to join us in promoting our prestigious event.
In exchange, we are prepared to offer you 10% of the money we collect on entry fees from the players you refer to us.  The process is simple: we give you a link to our sign-up page beginning April 1, 2015.  You post that link in a prominent area on your website (maybe in a short promotional article about our tournament).  When people click on that link and sign up for our events, you get paid on October 15, 2015 once we have verified that no one has cancelled.
We provide your preferred banner or button size and a unique link for your site so that you can track conversions and get paid easily.  If you need help setting things up, we have staff on hand who can help your web development team use our link in the most efficient manner possible.  We would like to help you produce the largest number of registrations.  The set up is easy and, once complete, it’s passive income for your organization or business. 
Our vision for Millionaire Chess is not just a tournament for tournament's sake, but a stepping-stone in the right direction for the sport of chess we all know and love.  We are looking to change the way that the world perceives chess.
If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and become a partner in support of our cause, please feel sign up by clicking here.
You can also contact us at contact at (subject: affiliate) for further information. Thank you, and have a great day.
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