$1,000,000 Prize Guaranteed

Welcome to the Millionaire Chess Open,
the highest-stakes open chess tournament in history.

Meet the Stars

  Open Section Under 2500 Under 2350  
1st Wesley So Kazim Gulamali Qibiao Wang  
2nd Ray Robson Ronald Burnett James H Canty  
3rd Yangyi Yu Dagur Arngrimsson  Joshua Sheng  
4th Jianchao Zhou David Karatorossian  Ylon Schwartz  
  Under 2200 Under 2000 Under 1800  
1st Rustam Bunyatov Sushrutha Reddy Zhiji Li  
2nd Matthew Meredith  Aderemi Adekola Fred Williams  
3rd Mbugua Bo Githoro Coel Tadas Oshiro Pierre Damis  
4th Danyul Lawrence Joshua K Bromberg Dean Mitrovich  
  Under 1600 Under 1400 Under 1200 Under 1000
1st George Terarakelian  Christian Silvestre Anton Butenko Steven E Owlett
2nd Artem Verdiyan Keith Brown Varun Kumar Herbert Antoine
3rd Benjamin V Franco Marcus Matthews Zhenjiang Li Suiming Pau
4th Richard Pointer Adnan Al Joubi James Gettinger  

A Million Dollars Guaranteed

That's right: a million dollars absolutely guaranteed! No other Open tournament in the long and storied history of chess has ever come close to guaranteeing that kind of prize money. The Millionaire Chess Open will be the first, and it will signal a new era in prizes and recognition for players at all levels.

I'm proud to be able to host this historic chess event, and I'm sure that millions of chess fans out there will be playing, attending, or watching the excitement online as the Millionaire Chess Open breaks new ground and takes this classic game to a never-before-seen level.

Thanks for your support. See you in Vegas!

— Maurice Ashley

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$1,000,000 Guaranteed

The highest-stakes open chess tournament in history

International GM Maurice Ashley

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